Protect Pactola - No Drilling or Mining in Jenny Gulch

Protect Rapid City's water and the beauty of the Black Hills



We are a grassroots organization committed to protecting our environment, our water supply, our recreation areas, and one of the crown jewels of the Black Hills. 

Mining exploration in the Silver City, Jenny Gulch, and Sunnyside Gulch region of the Black Hills is not acceptable.  Rapid Creek is the source for Pactola Reservoir and this proposed activity in this watershed will not be tolerated.

Recovery of any mineral resources in this watershed will jeopardize Pactola reservoir and Rapid City's water supply.


The Issues and Details

Minneapolis Based F3 Gold, LLC seeks to drill test holes in Jenny Gulch - they are looking for gold and will then sell the mining rights.

Our goal is to prevent any exploration or mining in this beautiful, ecologically sensitive, valuable resource.

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Proposed Drilling Location
Jenny Gulch above Silver City, SD


Silver City

  • 80+ private water wells

  • Nesting site for Ospreys

  • Trailhead for Centennial Trail & Trail 40 

  • Community Center

  • Volunteer fire department with no industrial spill training

  • A gem of the Black Hills

  • One primary access road that residents must use to travel to their homes


Rapid Creek & Pactola Reservoir

  • 80% of Pactola is designated for drinking water usage by the City of Rapid City, Boxelder, and Ellsworth AFB  for drinking water. 

  • 20% of Pactola is designated for irrigation purposes.

  • Inflow to Rapid Creek

  • Prime trout fishery with brown and brook trout spawning beds

  • Largest lake in the Black Hills


What Can You Do?

Submit a Comment to the Mystic Ranger District

  1. Provide comments without emotion or unnecessary name-calling, no cursing, no language that would cause you to be dismissed or not taken seriously.

  2. Explain your use of the public lands and why you consider yourself a stakeholder

  3. Enumerate points of concern, with logic to back up why. Cite science or law when you can. Points that are clearly articulated will really help, have someone review your comment and make sure you have good spelling, and grammar.

  4. Provide an alternate solution if possible.

Make a Donation

We would like to purchase some billboard advertising to raise public awareness.  If you are interested in sponsoring a billboard contact us today.

Volunteer Your Time

Are you a hydrologist, mining engineer, geo-technical expert, or botanist who is willing to provide expert testimony against this proposal?

Share with your friends

Awareness is key in any campaign.  Our goal is 10,000 comments in opposition to the project.  Ask your friends and family to submit a comment in opposition to the project.

Partner with Us

Help us spread the word or invite us to speak to your organization to grow awareness.


What is the economic value of Rapid City, Box Elder, and EAFB's drinking water supply?

Should mining occur in one of the prime recreational areas of the Black Hills?

Submit your comments to the USFS today


Stakeholder Objections


Trail Users

  • Trail 40 and the Centennial Trail are heavily used for hiking, trail running, XC skiing, snow shoeing, and mountain biking.

  • The exploratory drilling will interrupt the enjoyment of these activities due to the increase in traffic and noise for this project.  The drilling crews will transit the roads at least 4 times a day for shift change and water transport purposes.

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