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F3 Receives State Permit

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

F3 Gold, a Minneapolis company, has received its state exploration permit from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  State exploration permits do not require public input and are not appealable.  The company still is seeking and requires permission from the U.S. Forest Service before it could explore on federal lands in the area, but could now drill on private lands.  The exploration permit covers an area from about a quarter mile upstream of Lake Pactola and Silver City, follows along and near Rapid Creek and Jenny Gulch Road, and goes almost to the Lawrence County line.  A map and additional documents are in the links here:

Approval Letter Rapid Creek and Lake Pactola provide the water for Rapid City and Ellsworth Air Force Base, as well as for ranchers and reservation and rural communities all the way to the Missouri River.  The City of Rapid City opposes gold exploration and mining in the Rapid Creek watershed, as does Protect Pactola, the Black Hills Clean Water Alliance and many citizens in these communities.

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